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COVID Antibody Test

When someone is infected with a Virus or any other infectious agent, their body’s immune system produces antibody to fight against the infection. Same goes with COVID-19 infection, which triggers our immune system to produce antibodies to fight against it. Now, these antibodies last in the body for several months to years. In line with this theory, detection of such antibodies gives you a clear picture of your current immune status.

The test is done as sero-surveillance, which is a reference to understand the spread of infection in a community by looking for antibody generation in an exposed individual. This test is not for Covid diagnosis purposes, The test identifies if a person has had the novel coronavirus at some point in the past and has produced the antibodies to fight it. The test kits and procedures have been approved by ICMR.

COVID Antibody Test with Highly specific | Simple | Affordable technique, In Association with Thyrocare Laboratories Ltd.

Who will get Benefit & How?
The person who was previously sick and now immune to the infection, or still at risk of being sick and spreading the virus. Also for the person who has not diagnosed COVID yet, but wanted to check their immunity against the virus.

ICMR has focused on IgG. But also approved Total Antibody kits, which are highly automated and eliminate manual errors.

Thyrocare offering COVID-GT profile, which tests both IgG and Total antibody. In this, when both are positive/negative, it is doubly sure that it is positive/negative. However there are 2% chances where one is positive and the other is negative. we advise to repeat for a month.

How Test Shows Result
The test gives results as “Positive” or “Negative”

Positive results means, that you must have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 sometime back with or without your knowledge and now your body has developed immunity against the infection and you are having antibodies. It gives a confidence that your body has power to face it.

Negative results indicates that you have not come in exposure to SARS-CoV-2 virus so far.

Note :- If you are positive for antibody and if you are also not having symptoms, it may indicate that you had encountered it and you managed it well.

However, if you have symptoms related to COVID you must meet your doctor for a need of a PCR test.

Technology and Procedures
This test is performed using CLIA technology, an accurate and efficient technique for detection of COVID-19 antibodies. The test is also performed using ELISA, a highly sensitive technique for COVID-19 antibody detection.

Importants Points :-

  • Self Referred/ Non Fasting
  • Free Home Collection
  • Need 2 ml blood only
  • Results TAT is 24-48 Hr.

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Importance of COVID Antibody Tests

Antibody tests can give authorities and individuals clarity as to their COVID-19 status & to check body Immunity.

At the community and national levels, antibody testing gives researchers and authorities estimates of the rate of infection, how quickly the virus is spreading in a population. This data informs important decisions around testing, prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

It gives information on what factors affect the severity of infection & why some people are more severely impacted than others.

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