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What is PET-CT Scan?

Positron emission tomography-computed tomography, combines a positron emission tomography (PET) scanner and an X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanner in a single gantry; that holds radiation detectors and / or a radiation source. This technology is used in medical facilities like hospitals or clinic that helps in diagnosis or treat a disease. PET-CT, a nuclear medicine technology marries functional imaging from PET and structural imaging from CT into one image – that identifies tumors with millimetric precision and provides a very accurate representation of the physiology of the disease. PET-CT technology has revolutionized the field of medical diagnosis.

How PET-CT is useful?

PET-CT not only aids in detecting diseases but also helps to measure the treatment efficacies. For example, in case of a cancer, it helps to determine the metabolic activities of cancerous cells like whether it has spread to new areas or it has reduced. It shows the response to treatment techniques so that the same can be applied with a clear guidance and thought. PET-CT scan helps in revealing crucial information about the structure along with the function of cells and tissues in the body. This can be achieved in a single imaging session. The images obtained are of high accuracy that helps to decide the further course of medical action. These key benefits of Pet CT Scan.

Why PET-CT with Us?

Founded in 2010, Nueclear Healthcare Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Thyrocare Technologies Limited. NHL is a market leader in PET/CT imaging in India and is creating a highly disruptive model to completely change the status quo in India. Led by Dr. A Velumani, it is creating a pan Indian network of PET/CT facilities through a first of its kind model in the world. Nueclear values your trust more than the expense you carry to consume their services. Our every action leads to optimum satisfaction to patients. We provide a perfect solution for almost each and every of your physical issues. We provides world-class services with full of your trust.

How to Book? Payment Process?
Fill up the Booking Form. You will receive a call within 24 hr. Payment link will be sent once the appointment get set.
➤ After completing all essential registration and consent formalities, you would be examined by our doctor. A detailed history pertaining to your illness and information relevant to scan would be noted and all your previous medical records and reports would be also reviewed.
➤ You would be then directed to a room where a small dosage of 18 F – FDG / Sodium Fluoride will be injected in your vein.
➤ After injection, you would be asked to quietly relax and rest in a separate room at our Centre for about an hour before you are taken up for the scan.
➤ You may be given oral contrast to drink. You will have to finish drinking it in around 30 minutes. This helps to get a better image quality. However, don’t force yourself to drink it in case you are feeling nauseates. You would be required to drink plenty of water after the injection and till you are in the waiting room.
➤ You would be asked to lie down flat on your back on the bed of the PET-CT scanner and are expected to remain still during the entire scanning period of 15-20 minutes.
➤ After the completion of the scanning, you will be asked to sit in another room for some time. The Nueclear staff in the mean time will evaluate your PET-CT images and if needed may repeat your whole body scan.
➤ Your PET-CT scan would be finally evaluated by our experienced Nuclear Medicine Physician.
➤ Our staff at the reception will inform you about the date and time of collection of PET-CT scan report.

PET-CT SCAN Guide & FAQs :

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